Daily Report Card - 9th April


Apr 10, 2024By The Kaizen Trader

Yesterday, my day began with a livestream on ASFX TV, where I shared insights on combining the VWAP and a 20-bar breakout strategy on the US500 index. I also distributed a free indicator I developed, along with a "The Way of the Turtle" book. Although a live trading opportunity did not present itself during the stream, a profitable short position on XAUUSD emerged shortly afterwards.

In response to an inquiry from an ASFX VIP member about the trade's performance against a resistance breakout, I clarified my adherence to a systematic trading approach that emphasizes long-term positive expectancy without considering support or resistance breakouts.

Despite acknowledging the bullish appearance of the XAUUSD chart, I emphasized my commitment to the trading system over individual chart assessments. This disciplined approach has significantly enhanced my trading decisions, eliminating hesitation, doubt, and uncertainty about trade entries, position sizing, and exit strategies. April marked the initiation of this strategy with the aforementioned XAUUSD trade, as recorded on Tradezella.

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In the afternoon, I maintained my workout streak, reaching 40 consecutive days of a minimum of 10,000 steps and either a 4 mile run or 45 minute weight session

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Later, I embarked on a project to code a simple breakout strategy in Pine Script, aiming to streamline the strategy testing process that I previously conducted through extensive Excel spreadsheets. This experiment yielded promising results, which I plan to share in my next livestream, offering viewers a hands-on experience with backtesting and its implications on trading execution 


man in black crew neck t-shirt sitting beside woman in red crew neck t-shirt

The day concluded with my participation in an algorithmic trading webinar hosted by Kevin Davey, a renowned futures trader with a World Cup Trading Championship victory and three runner-up finishes. My goal was to gain deeper insights into his testing methodology and improve my own strategy testing processes.