ASFX is a trading education business that focuses on assisting traders who are encountering challenges in achieving consistency within the financial markets. We aim to provide resources, strategies, and guidance to individuals who are looking to improve their trading skills and better navigate the complexities of trading.

ASFX's primary mission is to empower struggling traders with the knowledge and tools necessary to enhance their trading performance and become self sufficient. By offering educational materials, courses and mentorship, ASFX helps traders develop a deeper understanding of market dynamics, risk management, technical and fundamental analysis, and other essential aspects of successful trading.



Live Trading Streams With Funded Full Time Traders 

Join our team of professional traders as they call trades and share their analysis through the London & NY Sessions.

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Black Shirt Club

You will learn:

  • – How professional traders like Austin, James, Tom, and Evan navigate market conditions
  • – An actionable and structured approach to your trading business
  • – How to properly track, analyze, and improve your performance
  • – How to scale up your trading by getting funded and staying funded
  • – 4 Backtested and proven profitable trading strategies: the A1, A2, D1, and D2
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