Daily Report Card - 8th April 2024

Apr 08, 2024By The Kaizen Trader


Today started by me streaming live on ASFX TV at new streaming time of 08:00, where I will be streaming every Mon, Tue and Thu and I'm pleased to report a successful kickoff. The feedback and engagement from the audience were encouraging, setting a positive tone for what's to come. A significant focus moving forward will be on sharing useful resources and education—specifically, sharing the intricacies of the systematic trading approach that has been pivotal in my trading evolution.

Embracing Systematic Trading
The shift towards a more systematic approach in trading has been a game-changer for me, a sentiment I've shared but perhaps not detailed sufficiently. My aim is to demystify the process and principles behind systematic trading, highlighting its impact on my decision-making and overall trading performance. This journey is a quest for alpha through disciplined, rule-based strategies—a path that's challenging yet rewarding.

Sharing Resources and Tools: An exciting development I shared today involves making my trading spreadsheets public. This initiative is not just about transparency but also about providing tangible resources to those intrigued by or inclined towards systematic trading. I believe in the diversity of trading methods and advocate for finding the approach that resonates with one's personality and goals. The forthcoming spreadsheets and tools are meant to empower and educate, serving as a foundation for others to build upon or adapt.

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Exploring New Strategies: AVWAP and ASFX
This afternoon's exploration centered on integrating the Turtle Strategy with the Average Volume Weighted Average Price (AVWAP) to forge a novel approach that might resonate with ASFX traders. The objective is to blend the disciplined entry and exit points of the Turtle Strategy with the precision of AVWAP in tracking average prices. This pairing could potentially yield a system for identifying trade opportunities, a hypothesis I'm eager to test further.

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Analysis of James Bruce's Trading Approach
The day concluded with an insightful analysis of trades by James Bruce, focusing on his profit/loss (P/L) metrics over the last three months. The comparison between his discretionary trade exits and a hypothetical scenario of day-end closures underscored the value of nuanced trade management. James's approach, characterised by strategic discretion, demonstrates a consistency and performance edge over a more rigid closing strategy.

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Looking Ahead
As we gear up for tomorrow's live trading session on ASFX TV, I'm excited to share more insights and strategies that have shaped my trading journey. The pursuit of market edge continues, and I'm committed to unveiling the layers and dynamics of systematic trading to our growing community. Join me as we explore, analyse, and learn together in real-time.